Unpacking the carnage on the crypto markets

💬 In Plain English

  1. There’s more uncertainty on how governments will regulate cryptocurrencies with both the US Treasury and EU regulators indicating more scrutiny is required. China has implemented a new ban on mining.
  2. There has been a massive rise in Sh*tCoins, driven by the promise of quick money through pump and dumps schemes. Investable money has been spread thin (and in some cases wiped out).
  3. Normal investors are running out of disposable cash, spending it on rising living costs, paying down student loans or placing home downpayments. With no sign of further stimulus cheques, people are becoming more prudent with their money.
  4. People…

If you ever wanted to own a pet dragon, you can now buy one on the blockchain.

💬 In Plain English

To the average player, it’s exactly the same as every game you’ve ever played; the only difference is you get to (actually) own the items in the game.

Behind the scenes, the game statistics aren’t stored on a central server. Points, levels, wins or losses are stored permanently on the blockchain.

💎 Why It Matters

For gamers, items earned in one game could be easily transferable to a totally different game. Think catching Pikachu in Pokemon Go and then playing him as a character in Grand Theft Auto.

For game developers, games can only last as long as their servers are maintained (which requires…

While it has been a tough 2020 for many, the service industry has had it particularly bad. Social distancing has been a death blow to many small restaurants, with seating capacity cut in half and many people still reluctant (or outright banned) from dining in. This has forced many businesses to reimagine how they operate, changing the average dining experience forever.

Cloud Kitchens

The single most defining shift has been the expansion of delivery services. And that has allowed a new form of restaraunt to thrive. Cloud Kitchens (sometimes called Ghost Kitchens) allow new food concepts to quickly scale up…

Michael Davies

Still trying to patch that Y2K bug

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